Interior Decoration


IPC Corporation is one of the most experienced firms in supplying and installing interior decoration finishing for many of Vietnam's luxury hospitality projects.


IPC Corporation promises to provide customers with quality living spaces, increase life value.


IPC Corporation always brings uniqueness, sophistication, luxury, or modernity in each design to projects to demonstrate the value of products, high level, and customer success.


The success and position of businesses will be measured in part by the facilities and equipment at their offices. IPC Corporation is confident in its ability to assist customers in realizing their workspaces with high-class office furniture imported or manufactured to high-quality standards based on customer design ideas.

Design & Build


Our Design Department is made up of local and foreign talent with over 30 years of industry experience, as well as being knowledgeable about the local work culture and always innovating to match the industry's development and customer needs. IPC Corporation's Design Service is a trustworthy option for customers.


Construction is a critical component in bringing the designer's vision to life. IPC Corporation always upholds design concepts in each project through construction quality and product aesthetics. We are involved in many high-end resort projects, commercial, residential, office, and so on, and we consistently exceed our customers' expectations.


Wooden Furniture

With modern equipment, machinery line, skilled workers, a professional management team, and because of their prestige, high quality, aesthetic. IPC Corporation's interior- exterior wood products have gained a foothold in domestic and foreign markets.

Metal Furniture

Due to the demand of customers, designs, market trends of interior - exterior products (needing to combine many different materials such as leather, fabric, wood, metal, etc.) have motivated IPC Corporation to equip human resources, technology, and equipment to meet the above requirements.